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Sun Tzu

- You know others and yourself, hundred battles without danger.
- You know yourself but you do not know others, sometimes the victory sometimes the defeat
- You do not know others and do not know yourself, each battles it is a certain defeat!

For almost thirty years, Agenzia per la Cina (Agency for China) operates as reference in support of the production system and institutional activities for Italian companies and organizations in Lombardy.

On its foundation in 1984, People's Republic of China was still entering the international scene after years of isolation; Nowadays, it is perhaps its main subject and the economic and personal relations built during these years of work have helped to enhance significantly the positive aspects of economic relations between Italy and China.

Every year, numerous trade promotion events, fairs and exhibitions, seminars and conferences have taken place under the umbrella of strong contacts between the two parties and the high-level of the actions organized by the Italian-Chinese staff.

Even on the Italian side, Agenzia per la Cina represented the successful testing ground of an innovative method for collaboration between companies, business associations and institutions, which has been widely replicated in the years. Nowadays, local and regional institutions have also realized that the international context is an indispensable reference for the maintenance and increase of economic competitiveness, and that courage to think and experiment in innovative ways is required in order to strengthen their strategies.